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Dads and pregnancy


Being a dad is a big step and can come as a shock to a lot of guys.

When you find out that she’s pregnant you might feel:

  • Scared, angry or shocked
  • Excited or happy about the future and what’s going to happen
  • Worried about how your parents or her parents might react
  • Worried about money or where you’re going to live
  • A bit of everything


These are all normal feelings and lots of dads and mums feel like this. Some things you can do include:


When she’s pregnant

It can be hard to know what you need to do when she is pregnant - whether you should go to the appointments and what everyone wants you to do. It can be a good idea to ask your partner and decide together what’s best for both of you.


You might want to read this info if you are fighting heaps with your partner or ex, or find it hard to talk to them.


During the birth

Most dads like being with their partner for the birth but this is another thing you should talk about. Some dads find the birth scary and don’t know what to do. But it is usually happy and exciting when the baby finally comes out.


Once the baby arrives

Dads have a big role in their kids’ lives. They are as important as the mum. Sometimes dads and mums don’t know what to do when the baby arrives – this is ok!


All parents learn how to care for their kids as they go. Learn more about being with your new baby.


There are lots of different types of dads – you might live with your kids or only see them sometimes. Remember you can be a good dad no matter what else is going on in your life.


Being a dad is amazing from the moment you meet your child. From birth you are an important part of their life.”


They are dependent upon you for a very long time and you are their Dad, Mentor, Friend, Bank, Protector and Role Model for many years to come. Cherish your child because they are the most important thing in the world”