I've Been There

Dads and babies


Being with your baby

So you’re a dad! Life for the past few weeks has been crazy busy. You received lots of congratulations. It was so exciting but also a little scary. The visitors are gone, your partner is resting and suddenly you realise that it’s just you and the baby. 


Learning together

It’s okay if you’re not sure what to do. At the beginning both parents are learners. Actually the three of you are learners because like you, the baby has never done this before.


The more involved you get in the day to day stuff, the more practice you get and the easier it all starts to be.


What your baby needs

At the beginning your baby needs food, sleep, comfort, safety and protection. Baby also wants love and cuddles. You can do all this. It’s just working out what works best and what your baby likes.


To work out what your baby likes:

  • Watch your baby’s face
  • Listen to the little sounds
  • Watch baby’s movements
  • Talk to your partner and work it out together


Sometimes it’s hard to work it out. You’ll learn as you go along.

Like plants, babies’ brains grow fast when they receive the right care and attention. Talking, singing, smiling, kissing, holding and playing are all things dads can enjoy doing with baby.


Some other things dad can do with baby:

  • Give baby a bath
  • Read baby a story or give baby a cuddle
  • Give baby a bottle
  • Spend some time with baby before they go to sleep
  • Play a game like peek a boo
  • Walk around the house with baby in your arms
  • Take baby for a walk or drive to the shops
  • Talk to baby about your day. Even though baby can’t reply, they still like it when you talk to them