I've Been There

Helping mum find some help


Partners, friends and family can feel powerless when they think something might be up with the new or pregnant mum in their life.


Here are some ideas on how you could encourage the new or pregnant mum to get some help.




  • If you’ve suggested that they talk to someone and they won’t - try to figure out why. Maybe it’s because they think they can’t afford it or they don’t know anyone who can help? Try to reassure them about these issues.


  • If you ask them why they don’t want to talk to someone, and they say they had a bad experience before, tell them that it’s normal and okay to see a different person this time. Learn more about what to do if this happens, so you can help them get the support they do need.



  • Remember that there may be some situations where you have to take action. If you think that the new or pregnant mum is at risk of harming herself or the baby then you need to ring 000 and keep them both safe until they get help.