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Money stuff

You’ve discovered you’re pregnant – after dealing with that massive news you start to think about two other things.


Where should I live - and what will I do about money?


Government payments

There are several payments offered by the government. Centrelink can help you find out whether you are eligible for one of these:


Baby Bonus 13 fortnightly instalments following the birth or adoption of a child 
Parenting Payment Income-tested payment given to the main carer of a child
Paid Parental Leave Scheme Financial support for eligible working parents
Household Assistance Package Extra assistance for low incomes
Family Tax Benefit To assist with costs of raising children
Child Care Benefit To assist with child care costs
Education Entry Payment             Helps with education costs


There may be a wait before you start getting money, so make sure you go into Centrelink a few months before the baby is due to get your paperwork started.


Next steps 

1. First of all you need to phone the Centrelink call centre: 136 150 (Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm) to find out what you are eligible for, and to get a Centrelink reference number.
2. After that - you can also call this Counselling Service if you aren’t on good terms with your partner and want to find out more about what to do: 1800 050 321.
3. After the baby is born you can go in to your local Centrelink office and go ahead with paperwork for your payments (if you’ve been told that you’re eligible).


If you are at risk of becoming homeless

There are also different payments available for people who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, or need extra help with rent payments:

  • Rent Assistance: extra financial assistance to pay rent
  • Crisis Payments: one off payments for people experiencing crisis
  • Telephone Allowance: help with telephone payments


Other options

Centrelink’s Community Engagement Officers work with people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

  • To get in touch with them call: 132 468.


Centrelink also has Social Workers  You can also talk to them about other stuff too, like relationship breakdown, loss and grief, domestic violence, mental health and addictions.

  • To get in touch with them call: 131 794 and then press option 3.


Extra housing support for young parents

The government also runs a Helping Young Parents program.  You can join the ‘Love. Learn. Grow’ program for young parents if you live near:

  • Bankstown
  • Shellharbour
  • Wyong


If you’re doing it alone and your partner has left then you can look at the info here for single / separated parents. 


Financial counselling

If you’re really stressed about money then you could make an appointment with a free financial counsellor. Lifeline has financial counselling.


Find out more about housing and accomodation stuff.