I've Been There

What if the person you talk to doesn't help?


Had a bad time with a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist before?

If your answer is yes, then here are some ideas about what you can do.


Think about whether it’s really the person you spoke to who you didn’t like. You might have been asked to try and do some things that were really hard. Talk to the person about how hard you’re finding it.


Try and improve the relationship with your GP, psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, or counsellor.


Would saying any of these things help you explain what you need?

  • Sometimes I feel like we have different ideas about what’s bothering me”
  • Some of the things we talk about are really hard because of my culture. Can we talk about the things that  are ok or not ok in my culture”
  • I’ve been trying to do the things you said but I don’t feel any better”


Other things you can do

  • Take along a friend, your Mum or someone like a youth worker to your appointment – it could help you remember all the things you wanted to ask the person you’re seeing.


  • Try and find someone else to talk to. Sometimes the first person you talk to isn’t always the best. Ask your GP to refer you to someone else, or if the GP is the problem choose a new one by having a look at the beyondblue website and searching for one that knows a lot about mental health.


If you think the person you saw for a mental health problem did something that was way out-of-line you can tell the Health Care Complaints Commission.


I’ve changed doctors a few times, and it puts my mind at ease”