I've Been There

Advice overload



Thanks for that advice, but …

As soon as you find out you’re pregnant you’ll probably find everyone around you is suddenly an expert.


Sometimes this advice is welcome. Often it is just annoying.


Some ways to handle well-meaning but know-it-all family and friends could be by saying:

  • Thanks, but this way is working for me right now”
  • I actually talked to my nurse about this the other day and this is what they said to do”
  • I’ll keep that in mind, but so far we’re doing ok”

See our communication tips page for ideas on how to handle difficult conversations.


Sorting the good from the bad

There is so much information around on pregnancy, birth and caring for a baby.


These are some questions to ask to figure out if information is good or not:

  • Do you trust the person or organisation who told you? Is the friend who gave you advice a good parent themselves? Is the organisation well known?
  • Is it the same as you’ve heard somewhere else, like from your blue book, nurse or parentline?
  • Does it work? Sometimes what our GP or midwife told us to do doesn’t fix the problem. You might need to get a second opinion from someone else.


Trust yourself

If you are the main person looking after your baby then remember that you know more about them than anyone. Sometimes the best thing to do is listen to yourself.