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Daily routines


Getting into a routine where you and your baby do the same things at the same time every day can be helpful, but stuff will come up that will throw things out some days.


The three main things in a baby’s day are feeding, playing, and sleeping.


Make sure you are able to sleep, eat and play each day too!  Think about how you can fit these things in and who can help. When your baby is sleeping it’s a good chance for you to get some rest as well.


0 – 6 Months

In the early weeks, you are getting to know your baby and your baby is learning how to do things like feeding, sleeping, listening and looking, moving and making noises.


In the first three months, your baby will need a minimum of 6 – 8 feeds in a day.  It takes time for your baby to develop a routine.


From 3-6 months your baby develops new skills and will start exploring. As your baby is on the move more, it’s important to make sure your home and play areas are safe.


From 3-4 months most babies know the difference between day and night. They generally settle well at night but may still need 1-2 milk feeds.


The older your baby gets, the more time they’ll be awake for and the more time there’ll be for playing and talking.  


Some ideas for interacting:

  • Tummy time (floor play)
  • Using rattles and soft toys
  • Taking baby for a walk in the pram
  • Telling stories using soft books
  • Having a relaxing bath time or baby massage
  • Singing songs or playing music
  • Visiting friends


Some babies have three longer sleeps per day and some need only shorter sleeps. If you think your baby is mostly focused and happy they’re probably getting enough sleep.


Babies are all very different. As you go along, you’ll learn more about what your baby does and doesn’t like.