I've Been There

Dealing with emotional changes during pregnancy


It’s normal to have mixed feelings when you find out that you’re pregnant. You might be: excited, scared, unsure, stressed out, nervous or upset.


There are lots of hormonal, physical and emotional adjustments - you might find yourself:

  • Crying for no reason
  • Having really fantastic dreams
  • Worrying more about your partner or boyfriend
  • Feeling forgetful
  • Getting down and upset
  • Getting worried about everything


This is all pretty normal but if these feelings last for more than a few weeks, or if they start to get really bad, it’s a good idea to tell your doctor, midwife or someone else who you trust.


It’s also important to try and look after yourself by resting and eating well when you’re pregnant.


How to deal with it all

Talk to your partner, family or friends about how you are feeling. This will help them understand your moods.


Tell yourself (and your partner) that this is a normal process and in most cases these feelings will pass in time.


If it’s all starting to feel a bit too intense you can always talk to your doctor, midwife, someone else who you trust, or phone a helpline and just have a chat to someone.