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Extra stuff you can do to get ready



Getting extra prepared

Here are a few extra things you can do to get ready if you think mental health problems like depression or anxiety might become a problem for you when you’re pregnant or after the baby arrives.


These tips are actually good advice for all pregnant and new parents:



  • Learn as much as you can about looking after a baby so you feel less worried about all the changes coming up. Ask your midwife or doctor about classes. 


  • Learn about breastfeeding and think about whether you want to breastfeed when the baby comes. You could ask your midwife or doctor about this, too.


  • Think about what you would like to happen if you become very sick with a mental illness and need to go to hospital for awhile. Who would you like to look after your baby during this time? What information do they need to know? Download this baby care plan and give copies of your plan to the people you want to be involved.


There is an organisation called COPMI that has heaps of great information for mums and dads who have to deal with mental health problems.