I've Been There

Getting to know your baby


All babies are different. If you can watch and learn about your baby it will help the two of you to get on better and be happier.


Some babies are really easy going. They like people, are relaxed and behave much the same way every day. These types of babies are usually quite easy to look after.


Other babies take a bit longer to be ok with new things. They can be quite shy. They may cry until they get used to something new. You will need to take things a little more slowly and give your baby time. These babies need a little extra love and attention to help them enjoy their food, family and friends.


There are some babies who find things even harder and get scared easily. They can be a bit harder to get to know and look after. It can take a really long time for these babies to get used to new things. They can seem to cry more than other babies, even when you change their nappy or do something else for them. This isn’t your fault.


Looking after babies who cry a lot can be really hard. These babies might calm down better if you try just one thing like gentle rocking in your arms, or gentle patting, or gentle talking. They may not like loud noises, bright lights and even some toys at first. It’s easy to get stressed when you have this type of baby, but if you go slowly, they will find things easier as they get older.


Remember that all babies have their own personalities and learn different things at different times, so try not to compare your baby to other babies.


Find out more about daily routines, feeding, crying or sleeping, and enjoy getting to know your own baby.