I've Been There

Making the most of the good stuff



Don’t forget to have a good time!

A lot of this website talks about how to cope with all the changes that are happening and the stresses you may feel from time to time.


But getting ready for a baby and parenting can be heaps of fun too! Don’t forget to make the most if it!

  • Have fun with your baby. This will help your baby’s brain grow. It can be as easy as just chatting to them when you go out together or do some chores around the house.
  • Take photos. This is so easy with phones now. Don’t forget to look back through them from time to time to remember all the funny stuff your baby has done.
  • Forget about everything else. Parenting sometimes means just blocking everything out and having fun playing with your baby.
  • What do you like most about being pregnant? Take the time to just sit and notice your baby moving and how good it makes you feel.
  • Have a good time doing non-baby stuff. If you can, go out with your friends every now and then and go shopping or watch some DVDs.
  • Things like breastfeeding or bathing your baby can be a really nice time to bond. Focus on each other and enjoy the nice feelings.
  • Tell yourself what a good job you’re doing looking after yourself when you’re pregnant and the both of you when the baby arrives. There are things you do every day you can be proud of.


I love explaining what I’m doing and talking to Bella, she enjoys it even if she can’t reply”


You and your baby

Lots of love helps your baby’s brain to grow and helps them feel safe and happy. Over time this makes things easier for you.

To help you and your baby get on well, remember these things:

  • If your baby cries it usually means there is something wrong and they need something.
  • Watch your baby and learn the different ways they tell you what they need. 
  • Always show your baby you love them and think they’re really important.
  • Remember that your baby is never trying to annoy you. They’re just a baby.
  • Remember not to fight and yell in front of your baby.


When Mason would cry I would use a reassuring voice and just talk to him and he would settle”


Helping baby learn

Did you know that your baby’s brain grows the most in the first three years?

The best way to help your baby develop is to have fun with them. You don’t always need books or DVD’s.


Talking about what you’re doing is a top way to give your baby time and attention.

  • If you’re on a bus, tell them what you can see.
  • If you’re making their bottle, let them know how it’s going.


You are the most interesting person in the world to your baby so when you smile, talk and play with your baby their brain grows and develops. When your baby knows they are loved they learn everything so much better.


Good relationships with mum and dad really help your baby’s brain develop.


I would count with him on his own fingers, now he can count to two”


Playing with Chloe is great fun, we both enjoy it”