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Preparing for baby


Getting ready for your baby!

If you’re pregnant you might be really excited! Or you might be really scared and stressed out. Lots of parents feel a bit of both.


As well as going to all the antenatal appointments, there are things that both mums and dads can do to get ready for the baby.


It’s a good idea to think about who is going to help you:

  • Find out where the early childhood health centre is
  • Decide who you’ll talk to if you start to get stressed out
  • Think about if you’ll need babysitting or child care
  • Call Centrelink before the baby arrives to sort out what money you can get and how to apply for this. (There may be a wait before you start getting money, so make sure you go in a few months before the baby is due.)
  • Make sure you have parent helpline phone numbers stuck on your fridge.


I was scared when I found out I was pregnant. I instantly started reading books, looking on the internet and talking to other mums.”


You could also start to think about:

  • Getting some info about breastfeeding
  • Deciding who will do the housework and cooking for the first few months
  • Talking about how grandparents, aunties, uncles, and friends can help
  • Working out how much money you will have
  • If you have a partner, think about how you will plan time out as a couple


Baby equipment

  • Make a list of stuff you’re going to need and tick off things as you get them
  • If you’re not sure what you need to get, have a chat with someone who already has a baby or someone at the early childhood centre
  • Your baby stuff can be new or second hand - just make sure it’s safe and clean
  • Baby equipment should meet Australian Standards - this is really important when selecting car seats and restraints
  • Find out about SIDS and get hold of sheets and blankets that are safe
  • Make sure cots or bassinets are away from window cords that could be dangerous


Most of my stuff was second hand. I saved so much money and it all looked new anyway!”


Making less housework and making your home child-safe

  • Make sure you have fire alarms
  • Buy covers for the powerpoints
  • Screw things like bookcases to the wall
  • Make sure poisons and cleaning products are locked away
  • Put childproof locks on cupboards
  • Cover or get rid of anything that holds water (like bird baths and swimming pools)


Learn about parenting

  • Go to the antenatal classes at your hospital
  • Parenting classes can be good
  • Watch or help other parents look after their babies
  • Learn some first aid