I've Been There

Self-help strategies


These are quick and easy and will help you feel good about yourself.


 “I just personally believed in myself and didn’t let anyone put me down”


Activity 1

Improving the things you’re not so great at!

List five things that you like about yourself or that you are good at:







Now list three things that you are not so good at, or don’t like about yourself.





Now put a mark next to the things above that you can change to some degree.


Pick one thing that you can change and write a list of what you can do to change or improve this. Spend a bit of time each week working on this goal.


For example: I am not a very good cook.


Some things you could do to change or improve this would be:


  • Look up basic recipes on the internet or in a cook book and practice cooking them
  • Ask your mum or grandma to come over and teach you a quick and easy recipe
  • Ask your friends on Facebook if they know of any good tips for feeding the kids
  • Buy a cooking class for you and a friend on one of those deal websites
  • Watch videos on Youtube or cooking shows that teach you how to prepare and cook food


Below is a link to two more self-help exercises you could do if you wanted to.

Two more exercises(36.2 KB)